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Bergamot is a delicate citrus fruit predominantly grown in Southern Italy, needing the special climate and soil this area provides for it to thrive. Italians have been using Bergamot for years, knowing its value and ability to lower stress and add rejuvenation to skin.

Bergamot essential oil is used in perfumes and body products, including those for the skin and hair, and if you’ve ever had a cup of earl grey tea, you’ll recognise the distinctive taste of bergamot. The rind of the bergamot is used to flavour this tea. The next time you’ve run out of tea bags, you can use a drop of bergamot essential oil, with a regular tea bag, to create this unique taste, while also giving you the added benefits of the oil.

Bergamot is related to the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, and is the oil of self-acceptance. It offers hope and regained optimism in life. Bergamot is a good friend, always there when others are in need, to help lessen anxiety and overwhelming feelings of sadness.

Bergamot affirmation: "My uniqueness is my blessing."

Bergamot assists with stress and insomnia. It is great for people who can’t stop thinking about the material world, what they have to do, and how they will get more of whatever they think will fulfill their world. When you’ve found little to no time for relaxation, and stress and the worries of the world at large, or those in your immediate vicinity are creating high tension, anxiety and causing you to lose sleep, it may be time to rely on Bergamot.

With its citrus floral scent, bergamot is a lovely oil to use in a diffuser. Use it in the office, the classroom, or at home when stress and heightened emotions are at a high level and need some calming. You might like to also use this oil during a yoga session.

Bergamot’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it a wonderful oil for purifying and cleansing the skin. It is well known as an effective treatment for acne, cysts, and pimples, as a spot treatment, or diluted in water or a cleanser for a facial rinse.

Bergamot essential oil can cause sensitivity to some people so it’s best used with care. Always use with a carrier oil and do not use it on your skin before going out into the sunlight.

Add it to your daily skincare routine, place a few drops into a foot soak, or apply to your skin while you’re taking a shower, to have the added benefit of its rejuvenating properties while infusing a little bit of calm to your day.

With its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, Bergamot is also great for reducing inflammation causing joint issues and muscle cramps, and for general aches and pains.

Bergamot essential oil blends well with lavender, Roman chamomile, and tea tree essential oils

Wishing you much Bergamot calm this week.

The Enchantress


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