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PASSION – dōTERRA Passion and Passion Touch

Inspiring Blend

Aromatic: Rich, Warm and Spicy

Ingredients: Cardamom Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger Rhizome, Clove Bud, Sandalwood, Jasmine Flower Absolute, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Damiana Leaf and Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Passion sounds like the romance blend. Damania Oil (one of the ingredients in this blend) was used by the ancient Maya and Aztec people to help promote feelings of affection. It can be used in this way to bring more passion into your life, this includes your day-to-day events, your love life, work, hobbies or any other area that feels stagnant or lacking.. There are other uses too. Passion is the inspiration and ‘pick me up’ blend, it helps when your day-to-day routine has become stale, dull, boring and monotonous. It helps when you are having an ‘off’’ or ‘blah’ day, to bring back feelings of excitement and joy to your life. It helps to counteract feelings of lack, disinterest, indifference, tedium, predictability and/or boredom. It inspires creativity and assists to make you feel more passionate about all areas of your life. Use on your pulse points through your day to feel enthusiastic and energised about what life holds for you. Passion can also inspire to create new ideas and activate your imagination. It will aid you to try new adventures and reawaken you excitement for life. Are you having a day where you are lacking motivation, if you use passion it can assist in bringing back your feelings of ‘Why you need to get things done’ and what your purpose it. This is because it can help to remind you about your goals and give you more motivation to achieve them. It can help to

remind you of all the amazing blessings life has to offer you. Also this amazing blend can replace toxic chemical perfume as its fragrance is a warm, spicy yet a subtle delight.


Diffusion: 1 to 2 drops in your choice of diffuser

Topical: 1 to 2 drops to desired area of your body. Great to use on your pulse points. (If skin sensitivity occurs dilute with Fractionated Coconut oil or if major skin irritation occurs discontinue use)

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