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Native to Europe, USA (Arizona and New Mexico), South Africa and Australia, Garnet is the Stone of Awakening and its fiery nature activates Kundalini - the creative force of manifestation. It can assist in enhancing the effect of other crystals by amplifying their effect.

Garnet is particularly good for attracting love, dreaming, blood diseases, regeneration of the body and DNA, metabolism, spinal and cellular disorders, blood, heart, lungs, and aids in the body's absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Traditionally Garnet is used in Engagement rings. It can inspire love by giving us more self confidence and loving ourselves and others with more devotion. It can help remove inhibitions and taboos. It’s said to help open up our hearts to love. Its energy can be used to call in a new lover, infuse new passion into current relationships and connect you with your sensual, sexual self. The Garnet is said to assist in balancing our sex drives. It helps the controlled rise of the kundalini energy, which helps us find a compatible sexual partner and remove disharmony.

There are 6 main species of Garnet:

  • ALMANDINE – Dark red to violet red, reddish brown to brown

  • PYROPE – Deep rich reds (no brown hues indicate high value)

  • SPESSARTINE – Yellow/orange, orange, pinks, and browns

  • GROSSULAR – From completely white (colourless) to yellow, yellow grees, and shades of orange and black

  • ANDRADITE – Tones of brown, green, and black

  • UVAROVITE – Green

Chemical Compounds – Magnesium aluminium silicate with manganese, chromium and/or iron silicate.

CHAKRA – Base (Root) and Heart

Garnet has strong links to the Pituitary Gland.

It expands our awareness of situations, and also helps in past life recall and any out of body experiences.

The Garnet name comes from the Latin word Granatum. This is named for the seed of the Pomegranate.

It is good luck to receive a Garnet but bad luck if you steal one.

Our Ancestors used Garnet as protection to drive off Ghosts, Phantoms and demons.

Garnet is a powerfully energising stone and it is said to warn of approaching danger, but it can also aid in harming your enemies.

Garnet are a good crystal to use when a crisis arises as it helps to assist when there seems to be no way out of a situation or where life is fragmented, or has become traumatic. Garnet enhances our survival instinct, bringing courage to us at hard times. Thus crisis becomes challenges instead of a no way out. It also promotes mutual assistance.

Garnet helps your inner fire, creativity and love to burn brightly, giving you courage and protecting you from emotional vampires. One of the most powerful stones for attraction, Garnet brings abundance, joy, health and artistic expression into your life.

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