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Online Presence vs. Present Existence

This is a subject that I have been struggling with, since the start of the year. Who am I? what can I share? And do I align with this trend? are my biggest questions

It is absolutely obvious that online is a growing market and that social media is booming. To advertise our small businesses we have to be in trend with the new advertising platforms, we have to be where everyone is. I remember when I did Uni, Facebook advertising was something that we didn't have and growing a Social Media following wasn’t trendy. To this I say, Thank God that trends change, I cant think anything worst that been stuck on a trend forever!

This thriving potential, for getting ourselves out there is really calling me, pushing me to do several "free webinars" on growing my business online, getting followers and getting myself known by the "social community".

I found it fantastic, and I want with all my heart to have a following of people that gets benefits from what I do. I am also a natural born teacher, so having a big audience to teach really excites me.

But to what cost??????

We are all very clear that nothing in this planet is free, and to grow that “online following” I have to spend hours everyday, making a video, posting it, tagging stuff and people. The recommendation is that you post about three times a day on Facebook and about 5 on Instagram, not to count all the other platforms that I don’t even know about.

OMG!!!! These people out there that have a big "online following" spend their lives creating it, talking to a camera about all sort of stuff about their lives and privacy. Teachers in this subject tell you that you have to be vulnerable, and I have seen people trying to reach a following, posting their dramas online to grab the attention. Really???? Why does people even reads other ones dramas and struggles?

So my big query is, do I want to have an Online Presence? Or do I want to be actually mindful of the food I am eating, the healing I am doing, the yoga class I am taking? I don’t want to have the stress that has to be perfect and I got to wear make up to my yoga class because that is meant to be post number 5 for today! I want to live my life and be present in presence.

I am not saying to stop posting on social media, or to quit your dreams of creating an online business and a big following, but do we really want to sacrifice our existence just to create it? Pick your battles, practice mindfulness and set your boundaries. More than half of the things you see out there, are actually pretty in pictures, but forgetful in existence.

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