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Sunstone harnesses the powerful energy of the sun and reminds us of the light that is within us. It replaces any negative energies surrounding us and instead, fills us with positivity and high vibrations, encouraging optimism and enthusiasm.

Sunstone is so connected to the energy of the sun, it clears and energises the chakras, bringing back a zest for life. Life is all about enjoying and when we use Sunstone to help remove the unwanted energies dragging us down, we are able to savour and appreciate more moments and thereby bring back some of the joy we may have lost.

Sunstone is uplifting, full of passion and vibrancy, it shines a light on all that is good in our world, helping to remind us of all the things that bring light to our life.

The Sunstone, with its combination of orange, pink and red flecks, is a powerful crystal connecting to the heart. If you’re feeling down, stressed, lacking in self-worth, or the confidence to pursue your dreams, Sunstone will be there to soothe with its love and energy.

Sunstone is helpful to those who have a hard time saying no to others. It also ideal if you have a hard time saying no to certain foods. The energy in the sunstone helps to boost the metabolism and can be a great tool to help with weight loss by heling curb the cravings and increase your willpower.

It allows your real light to shine through, whether that be by improving your self-esteem, helping you find excitement again, aiding with weight-loss, or lessening the stress in your daily life. Sunstone connects the heart to the sun, giving you support for emotional healing and helps strengthen your intentions.

Sunstone is such a versatile crystal, making it a perfect and essential addition to your crystal collection. Keep it close to you throughout the day or beside you while you’re meditating so you can harness the energy of the Sunstone, and connect with your inner light and love.

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