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Transformation and change is scary stuff! Even making little changes to your life or personal behaviours takes a certain amount of confidence and willpower.

We have to be open to looking at ourselves honestly and lovingly if we are to make any lasting changes in our lives. This spell is very easy, as it does not involve any change on your part. It only asks that you simply “be”, giving yourself time and space to become grounded in who you are so that you may draw upon your own innate strength when the time for transformation comes.

What You Need:

A quiet, dark space

3 Candles- 1 each black, red and white

Incense- Earthy scents are best: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Sage, Vetiver, Yerba Santa

To Preform the Spell

Set up a very simple alter in your quiet space with your incense and candles.

Begin by purifying your environment. Light your incense and waft the smoke around your feet. Circle the smoke all the way up to the crown of your head while envisioning a sphere of golden or amber light around you. Feel that you are in a safe space.

(If you want to Cast a Circle you can, but it is not necessary for this spell. Refer to last months ritual of “Drawing Down the Moon” for instructions. [put in link to blog post]

Come to your alter and light each candle one at a time.

Black - Signifies the release of your past

Red - Signifies surrender to the present

White - Signifies letting go of expectations for the future

Sit or lie down comfortably. Begin to envision the roots of your Soul growing down into the Earth. See or feel them growing deeply to the place within the Earth that connects you to the Universe. Feel this part of the Universe that wholly supports, loves and cares for you just as you are.

You may like to channel the spirit of a Tree or Animal Guide. Chanting an affirmation as you focus on the feeling of acceptance will help to plant the energy of this intention into the subconscious mind.

Example: “I am a child of the Elements and the Earth. I am supported and accepted and I am enough.”

Use any affirmation in words that feel right for you, to bring a sense of unconditional acceptance and loving empowerment.

When you feel that there has been a shift to a feeling of universal acceptance, gently open your eyes and begin to externalise your awareness into the room around you. Keep with you the feeling of acceptance and use it as a source of your own empowerment. Feel grounded and connected to the Universe that is always there to support you.

From this place of self acceptance, empowerment and grounding you will be able to handle any change or transformation life has for you.

The Enchantress


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