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Red Jasper

For hundreds of years, Red Jasper has been revered as a talisman for magicians and scholars, protecting them against dangers. Warriors who wanted a blood connection on the battlefield and healing properties of this stone, wore it in battle.

Red Jasper means protection, passion, and grounding. It can guard against many kinds of threats and is known for its ability to strengthen the blood circulatory system.

Because of its close connection to mother earth, it is a powerful crystal to help maintain emotional balance and spiritual grounding.

Its vibration will give you the strength, courage, and energy to find your balance, and encourages you to keep one foot securely on the ground no matter how unstable you’re feeling or how much you’re flying above earth.

With its strong nurturing ability and healing properties, Red Jasper can offer you comfort in times of upheaval, and the inner strength and healing you need to return to a place of stability.

Red Jasper’s vibration is strong and even, working gradually to help when your energy is unfocused and scattered. This helps in the workplace or when you’re wanting a clear head to allow room for your creativity. Its steady, grounding vibrations will help you become centred, and boost your creativity. It is a perfect accompaniment to a creative life, as its grounding and focus will help you be open to the endless possibilities in your mind.

Red Jasper stirs up enthusiasm and passion, creatively and also personally. It promotes individual stimulation, and an interest and positive attitude toward sex with your partner.

Use Red Jasper while meditating to promote strength and endurance. Wear Red Jasper when you’re feeling lost spiritually or are wanting to unblock any negative thoughts preventing your easy creativity.

Let its healing and energetic properties guide you to prosperity, stability and creativity.

The Enchantress


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