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Light Language - Trust Worthy or a Complete Farce?

At times I feel the strong sense and need to be a voice for universal energies, and I come to you with the most open heart, in hopes to pass on a message of truth and hope.

The Mother Universe has many languages, around 7,100 languages exist in our small world alone. Looking at a starry night and thinking we are ‘the only ones’, is like not believing there are many other languages out there, it makes no sense.

As I write this, I’m listening to Tibetan healing sounds, and there is no doubt in my mind about the power of music and the power that vibration plays in the material world. When you understand what God actually is, you will know that without vibration and sound the Universe just could not be!

I shall start with a little story. Back in 2002, I was set to join my coven for a little adventure, and booked to go to my first Vipassana silent retreat. On the day of the retreat, when everything was packed, the 4 people from the coven decided that being silent and meditating for long hours wasn't for them, but my mind was set! So I got in the car and left behind my super fun new years party to embark on a deep spiritual awakening.

In those 12 days I learnt many things, but nothing stands out the most as the realisation that the most powerful language is not actually the spoken word. When we were finally able to speak, I already wholeheartedly knew, just from the energy in the room and people's gestures, who out of the 85 people I wanted to spend my talking hours with. And they knew too…only to find after spending the whole night talking that it was as if we had been sharing words for the past 11 days anyway.

Besides my little experience with the etheric world, I can fluently speak in three languages, and I understand my mom's dialect. Although my mum cannot speak English and my husband can't speak another language besides English, I have seen them communicate without their language barriers affecting their relationship.

Any compassionate and loving being wants to communicate and share what's in their minds, and our Spirit Guides are no different.

So, here is my first question; Why would our guides, if they are here to help us, speak in a language that no one can understand?

I have heard Light Language speakers say that light language is something anyone can 'speak’, it is a language ‘that is not from earth’ and it is channeled from Angels, Guides, or ET’s (like the Pleaydians). If this is so, can we put all light language speakers in a room to have a proper conversation? Translate the script for the rest of us, and then give us some direction?

When you understand energy, you know that there are no words needed, no special language needed. Energy can be picked up by little internal antennas. My Spirit Guides and your Spirit Guides communicate through handing you the knowledge as if they were handing you a basket full of gifts. There are no language barriers in the way.

So here is my second question; Why are we creating language barriers that actually don't exist? Do you believe your guides are trying to make it difficult? After trying to understand my guides for almost 24 years I would mutter: ‘As if it isn't difficult enough!’

My writings are not to question if Light language exists or not, that to me is, unquestionable. My writings are to bring awareness to an Egotistical pull to feel special. So many claim to be able to speak such language, and so little understand the extent of their words. It reminds me of the stories of people getting tattoos in hiragana without ever questioning what they are writing on their bodies, only to find out later that what they have actually tattooed on their flesh is, ‘fish sauce’..... it’s like what I tell my students, ‘By the power of clairsentience, if it smells fishy, it’s because probably it is fishy’.

So how is this unknown language spoken by many said ‘spiritual channelers’ going to advance humanity? If you are aware of the teachings of Kryon, Bashar or even Abrahan Hicks, you will know that these light beings find it important that you understand the message that has been conveyed. That the messages are believed to hold keys for humanity avancements, instead of codes of nonsense.

Because if we can't understand what light beings are saying, what is the actual contribution to revolutionising the medical system? If this language is just to be channeled by the few; how is this going to help us transcend greed, power, and the unbalanced ego wars?

So now you will ask: Can I trust someone who speaks light language? Yes, of course, I trust everyone until they prove me wrong. But I would question the understanding of their own words, I would question their message and the benefit it has in our advancement as a humanity. I will question if the messages are conveyed in a humanitarian way (which if they are from galactic beings, they for sure are!), and finally, I will question the integrity of the messenger.

Spirituality is not for the few my dear co-creators, spirituality is for the seeker and for the ones that are open to finding their own communication with the divine. You are light language, you are the most divine expression of God… there is nothing you need to be, speak or do to be holy. When you are quiet, you will find the light language that lives within you.

With love and an open heart,

The Enchantress