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Green Adventurine

Green Adventurine is otherwise known as the stone of opportunity, and is said to be the most powerful of all the aventurine colors, which makes it a must-have for welcoming good fortune and prosperity into your life.

Green adventurine promotes compassion and empathy toward others. It also helps stabilise your emotions, calms any anger and irritation you may be harbouring toward yourself or others. It encourages perseverance, by helping you have an optimistic outlook, giving you the stamina needed to continue on and strive for what you're seeking.

Bringing good luck, abundance and opportunities, it is no wonder it is well known as one of the luckiest stones to have in your healing crystal collection.

Besides being beautiful and dazzling, Green Aventurine aids in feelings of well-being. It helps clear negative thought patterns as it reconnects you and grounding you to the Divine healing energies of the Earth.

Adventurine is a perfect stone to wear as a piece of jewellery. Not only is it an attractive stone, it has so many beneficial properties, that having it close to your body will only ever be a positive thing.

To benefit from the positive, healing powers of Green Adventurine, place it against your heart and inhale deeply. While breathing in, feel yourself being filled with a bright white light, encouraging harmony and positivity and all that is good in your life. As you breath out, let the stone release any negativity from your body.


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