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Tree Prayer Ritual

What You Will Need:

  • Tree (or potted plant if you live in a city)

  • Candle

  • Incense - Ylang Ylang or Cinnamon

  • Cup of Water

  • Coloured Ribbons

On the morning of Beltane, find a tree. Light your candle and place it at the base of your tree.

Light your incense from the candle and place it in the ground next to your candle.

Offer the water to the roots of your tree.

Now give thanks to your tree for all it represents - the Life that has been given to you each day, the joy and beauty, the lessons and challenges. Allow your gratitude to flow forth from your heart.

Now offer your Wish Ribbons. Choose a colour for each wish. One at a time, hold the ribbon in your hands and set the intention of your wish or prayer into it, then tie the ribbon to a branch of your tree. Do this with each of your Wish Ribbons.

Now celebrate the union of Heaven and Earth by singing to your tree, dancing around it and feeling the joy of your Life!

To give more potency to your wishes, spend a few minutes with your tree each day until the wish comes true. When a wish or prayer becomes reality, remove that ribbon.

For continuing the Daily Tree Prayer Ritual, pick a time of day that suits you - whether it is when you get up, when you get home or just before bed - try to do it at the same time each day. Light a candle and incense and offer them with some water to your tree or plant.

Sit quietly for a few minutes offering your thanks and gratitude for the Life you have, then ask for your wishes and prayers to be fulfilled.

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