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Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds are a powerful stone to work with coming into Winter. In this season of introspection and self reflection, a crystal such as this can greatly enhance our ability to see our deepest self- both the light and the dark. This crystal is a highly purifying and energising stone. A powerful stone for dreaming, tapping into latent abilities and building inner strength.

The Herkimer Diamond is an immensely purifying crystal from the quartz family and is named from the place where it originates in Herkimer County, New York, USA. It is prized for its clear complexion and double terminator points which enhance its ability to channel and amplify energy. Herkimer Diamond works to heal on all levels of your being, physical, mental and spiritual. It is used to see the truth clearly and ward off falseness, protect from negative forces, connect energy, facilitate dreamwork, and enhance the abilities and effectiveness of healing practitioners.

On the physical level, this stone can help to prevent burnout and exhaustion, stimulate the immune system and protect against electromagnetic radiation, environmental toxins and negative energy. For pain relief, place the crystal on the affected area and imagine or feel healing energy circulating in the area. Within 3-4min pain should start to ease. Continue until the pain is gone.

Mentally and emotionally, Herkimer Diamond brings clarity of thought, openness to universal energy and a releasing of unconscious fear. This allows for deep healing and the ability to find new beginnings.

“Rare, water-included Herkimer Diamonds are special healers of the emotional body, helping to see one's deepest self and in bringing the light of Spirit into dark places. In clear Herkimers, water inclusions stimulate the heart center, creating an illuminating and uplifting energy that may bring on feelings of rapture. In foggier Herkimers, water inclusions allow one to see what one fears most within oneself, without judgment or losing heart. Water-and-carbon-included Herkimers assist in removing energetic chords, arrows or patterns from the emotional body.” [1]

Having a Herkimer Diamond in your crystal tool kit is highly recommended as this stone will amplify the effects of all of your other crystals when used in healing. It also works to connect your energy to that of your client so that your channeled healing is more potent and better received.

Spiritually, Herkimer Diamonds are excellent for tapping into clairvoyant abilities, vivid dreaming and dream recall, astral travel, past life recollection, and experiencing expanded reality. Herkimer Diamond girds can create dimensional doorways where the energy of the Divine is transmitted and received with ease.

Such a potent stone must be used wisely. Do not carry it on you for long periods as it could cause disorientation. It is not recommended for use with children or animals as they are much more sensitive to intense energy but do not have the understanding and ability to work with it safely. Because Herkimer Diamonds store memory, be sure to cleanse your crystals after each use, especially if used for healing others. If intentionally storing positive energy or memory keep the stone in a natural cloth pouch in a protected or sacred space when not in use.


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