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THERE IS THE CINNAMON BARK OIL (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) AND THE CASSIA OIL (Cinnamon Cassia)

Cinnamon Oil is far more potent than the dried spice and it also contains compounds not found in the dried form. Cinnamon oil is one of the oldest spices known to man.

In biblical times the Ancient Egyptians traded cinnamon (Cassia particularly), because of this its origin was a closely guarded secret.

In the 15 centaury, grave robbers used Cinnamon to try to protect themselves from the Plague. (This is why Cinnamon is used as a part of On Guard – We will be discussing this oil later in the year).

Traditionally Cinnamon was associated with the ability to attract wealth.

CINNAMON BARK OIL - Origin Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Ceylon

CASSIA OIL Origin - China


  • Aids to get rid of bacteria

  • Aids with getting rid of fungal infections (ringworm viral infections)

  • To help with high blood sugar and diabetes

  • Also it aids as an anticoagulant

  • It can assist as a metabolism booster and weight management (including as a detoxifier)

  • Helps with environmental threats when you have colds or flus (antiseptic)

  • Also helps to shorten the effect of colds and flus (decongestant)

  • Helps with Oral hygiene by getting rid of infection

  • Aids with Kidney infections

  • Helps with Vaginal health (including thrush or even herpes)

  • It aids as a sexual stimulator, helping to heighten the sex drive if low libido (aphrodisiac)

  • It can assist with muscle pain and strains (anti inflammatory)

  • It helps to bring back emotional balance to our body

  • Detox for your ears, noses, throat and lungs

  • Water retention

  • Upset stomach or vomiting or diarrhea (antispasmodic)

  • Can help calm ulcers

  • Can help to get rid of warts

  • Warms up cold extremities like fingers and toes (apply diluted oil onto the bottom of feet or hands to increase blood flow)

  • It is amazing to use in cooking to help bring out a spicy aromatic flavour

  • Helps increase circulation

  • Aids in helping depression

  • Fights parasites (ringworm)

  • Helps with arthritis

  • Helps with menstrual cramps and PMS

  • It’s a brain tonic

  • Blood purifying

  • Aids with Microbial balance

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