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Sat, 09 July



Sabotage and Entity Clearing Workshop

LEVEL 1 - Clearing Entities from yourself & Spiritual Hygiene. Join two Australian Experts online to teach you ' How to effectively clear Negative Entities from your Etheric Field to get back to a happier and fuller you'

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Sabotage and Entity Clearing Workshop
Sabotage and Entity Clearing Workshop

Time & Location

09 July 2022, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm AEST


About the event

Join two Australian Experts online to teach you

'How to effectively clear Negative Entities from my Etheric Field to restore clarity & a balanced sense of self''.

We are in a time where human consciousness is undergoing a huge shift & is expanding exponentially, and many people are feeling the pressure to let go of old patterns of programming & behaviour that are no longer working for them. However, with this expansion we are becoming more aware of both the positive & the negative forces around us.

A growing number of people are being faced with deeply repressed challenges which are arising at this time with increasing severity. Challenges which may seem insurmountable whilst one is plagued by energies that are not really ours to metabolise, and in order to 'feed' on our negativity these 'entities' will blow our own fears, anxieties, addictions, depressions etc.......way out of proportion.

Gain the knowledge you require and easy to follow exercises that can effectively clear the detritus attached to your energy body & field, inconspicuously anywhere anytime - so that you can begin to find clarity, relief and feel more like your authentic self.

These techniques are free from the often sensational overlays of many models. No need for tools or complicated affirmations or statements. Working safely & elegantly with spiritual benefactors that anyone has the right to call upon & only need to be asked for assistance. Spiritual hygiene is often very simple and incredibly powerful, when maintained regularly!

So far we know that:

  • The Catholic Church has been practicing exorcism for thousands of years, but they use rather antiquated, cumbersome & brutish methods, which are unnecessary in most cases.
  • Hollywood sensationalism has made entity attachments & clearings seem traumatic and frightening. When in fact a majority of clearings are incredibly subtle, beautiful & powerful.
  • In the meantime we have been quiet about what we can see and feel, but we can't talk to anyone about it because it seems crazy.

We have been there! We get you! You are not crazy.... and the unfortunate news is that the subtle influence of negative entities is more common than we may think.

Ever noticed why there are so many shows on Netflix with a supernatural theme? Whilst highly sensational and it is debatable whether any of these shows is a 'true' representation of what is around us, it is nonetheless a very interesting phenomenon arising within the collective consciousness, phenomena which has perhaps always been there, but obscured by our single minded obsession with materialism. It is also related to the exponential amount of clearing and purging we are all being asked to do at this time as everything that has it's foundation in fear is being cleared by a wave of truth. As the process can be very uncomfortable & disorientating, it is important to bring clarity and sanity to this growing awareness and mass clearing and to empower as many people as we can with these accessible tools, so together we can raise & elevate our spirits and as a result the vibration of the entire planet.

The highlights of your learning in this 3 hour workshop are:

  • What are negative entities?
  • Types of entities
  • Is there a purpose for entities?
  • Clearing Entities Safely and ethically
  • Dangers of Spiritual Materialism & Hubris
  • Spiritual Immunity
  • and much more

In this one of a kind workshop you will receive:

  • A PDF manual:
  • A group Entity Clearing
  • A pre recorded Hypnotic Induction for Spiritual Immunity

About the teachers:

Monica Finazzo - The Enchantress

Monica Finazzo is an international published author, intuitive counsellor, complementary therapist and spiritual teacher who started serving professionally in 2001.

Her passion is to help people feel better, find their own truth and realise their dreams. She currently runs a practice that takes her around Australia, teaching workshops and giving presentations. She has experience in hospital settings, as well as corporate settings.  

With a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge, Monica has helped many people to find their path, and manifest the life of their dreams. Monica has performed entity clearings since 2013 and she has been on stage  at the Mind Body Psychic Expo performing mass entity clearings. She completed three university degrees as well as numerous courses in health and wellbeing.

Vav Petrik

Clinical Hypnotherapist. NLP Practitioner. Energy Dowsing Practitioner. Shell & Coral Essences Practitioner.

After a series of intense personal crises in 1998 & 1999, Vav was plunged abruptly & unexpectedly into the world of alternative healing & energy medicine (thank God, Psychiatry & medication wasn't making any real progress). In particular via the modalities of Kinesiology & Homeopathy, where he met his first mentor and under whose care he managed to undergo some very profound healing, on and off for the next 10 years.

In 2011 he began working with clients as an Energy Dowsing Practitioner, utilising primarily the system taught by his mentor. Which consists of a very effective technique to clear an individual of accumulated energetic detritus, due to trauma & conditioning, whether sustained in this dimension or otherwise.

In 2014 he discovered Transcendental Meditation & Hypnotherapy, both of which shifted the expansion of his consciousness & resolved very quickly a number of lingering issues.

In 2017 he received his Diplomas' in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP, & has worked with clients since, utilising a number of modalities, personally tailored to each individual's needs.

He is of the firm belief, that close to 40% of what ails us, is essentially not our 'stuff', and it is imperative to be aware of what is our responsibility & what is not, & to clear that which is not, before we can effectively address our own challenges, that which attracts the parasitical detritus.

PLEASE NOTE - If you are suffering or have suffered in the past with serious mental health disorders we recommend to please seek professional advice before you register for this workshop. The information and products that are provided are for educational purposes only. We do not claim to heal or cure any illness or disease.


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