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  • Chakra Activation
    Chakra Activation
    dom, 05 may
    Grange, Grange QLD 4051, Australia
    Grange, Grange QLD 4051, Australia
    Unlock the secrets of inner harmony and spiritual vitality at our Chakra Activation event. Join us for a transformative experience featuring Crystal Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing Meditation, Essential Oils, Crystal Healing, and a sacred Cacao Ceremony.

The Enchantress se encuentra en Sunshine Coast, Queensland. La Hechicera es Clarividente, Psíquica, Terapeuta Espiritual, Maestra Espiritual, Lecturas Psíquicas Intuitivas, Sanación Energética, Hipnoterapia, Reiki, Yoga, Chamanismo, Practicante de Medicina Alternativa.

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