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How to Cast a Circle

Casting a Circle:

Give yourself space to walk in a fairly large circle around your alter. Choose a point to begin and walk clockwise. As you walk see a magical boundary forming and enveloping your ritual space in a large protective bubble.

When you reach your starting point say “As this circle opens all negative forces are kept at bay. None shall enter here. Only those invited with an open heart may enter this circle.”

You may choose to use your own words that feel right for you, as long as the message is clear. Keep it simple and easy to remember.

You will now use each of your alter elements, one at a time, to protect your circle. From the same starting point, walk your circle again once with each element and say as follows:

Salt (sprinkle as you walk)

“By the Power of Earth this circle is protected”

Water (sprinkle)

“By the Power of Water this circle is protected”

Incense (wave clockwise)

“By the Power of Air this circle is protected”

Candle (hold steady)

“By the Power of Fire this circle is protected”

Close the Circle:

Go to the place where you started casting your circle. Walk counterclockwise. As you walk see your circle dissolve and disappear.

You may leave your incense to burn down. Your candle you can leave if small and in a safe place. If using a large candle, put it out and use it the next time you do this ritual. Do not use it for anything else.

Tidy or totally dismantle your alter and clean up the space.


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