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Golden Healer Quartz

As a crystal of total healing, Golden Healer Quartz empowers you to heal yourself and others.

It encourages peace and balance, allowing your energy to flow freely and encourage healing and restoration.

Golden Healer Quartz is known as a bit of a powerhouse when it comes to crystals, because of its multitude of benefits and uses. It is calming, yet strong, offering balance and healing in all areas of your life, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Working to balance the yin and the yang energies, creating positive changes and perfect harmony to your life. It contains the healing properties similar to a clear quartz, but with the iron oxide trapped inside the quartz, this crystal has a beautiful golden hue.

Associated with the crown chakra, yet connected to the entire chakra system, this makes it one of the master healers in the crystal world. But this reputation is also due to its high vibration. Like gold, it will raise your vibration, strengthening your intentions and allowing you to see what needs to change, and releasing you of any blockages holding you back.

Golden Healer Quartz can help you see a new outlook on your life. When you see things from a different perspective, you will notice things you may have once missed. Golden Healer Quartz will help you do this whilst giving you calm courage and renewed energy to make adjustments in your life for your own betterment. Abandon negative thoughts, and remove bad habits from your routine, physically and emotionally. These might be small or they might be challenging hurdles to overcome, but the efforts will be worth it.

Golden Healer Quartz will help you connect to the spiritual world, opening your consciousness to the greater power and guidance of the angels, assisting in receiving information from the divine.

This stone also enhances the properties of other crystals, and is a great tool for therapists and energy workers, but for the individual, Golden Healer Quartz is a wonderful companion during meditation. Connect to your higher self, balance your chakras, and visualise a clear path for your healing, physically and spiritually. Manifest your energy, be energised from the peace of the quartz. Hold it in the palm of your hand and feel its light flow through your entire being.

If you want to feel the calming balance from this crystal throughout the day, wear it in a piece of jewellery connected to your skin, alternatively keep it in your pocket or in something where it can be close to your body.

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