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Drawing Down the Moon Spell

What you will need:

  • Bowl of Salt

  • Water in a clear glass

  • Incense (Jasmine or Myrrh)

  • Candle (silver or white, use a fresh candle for the first time)

  • Space to set up an altar and perform the ritual (small table, a platter or piece of cloth will do)

Outside is best, but inside is fine as long as you have a clear view of the Full Moon

Set up your altar in the center of your space. You can make your altar as simple or as fancy as you like. Light your candle and incense.

Begin by Casting a Circle:

Give yourself space to walk in a fairly large circle around your alter. Choose a point to begin and walk clockwise. As you walk see a magical boundary forming and enveloping your ritual space in a large protective bubble.

When you reach your starting point say “As this circle closes all negative forces are kept at bay. None shall enter here. Only those invited with an open heart may enter this circle.”

You may choose to use your own words that feel right for you, as long as the message is clear. Keep it simple and easy to remember.

You will now use each of your alter elements, one at a time, to protect your circle.

From the same starting point, walk your circle again once with each element and say as follows:

  • Salt (sprinkle as you walk) : “By the Power of Earth this circle is protected”

  • Water (sprinkle) : “By the Power of Water this circle is protected”

  • Incense (wave clockwise) " “By the Power of Air this circle is protected”

  • Candle (hold steady) : By the Power of Fire this circle is protected”

Calling in the Moon Goddess:

Stand before your altar and invite the Goddess of the Moon into your circle. Envision pure silver light streaming down from the Full Moon into your circle, filling it with light. Feel the presence of the Goddess next to you, know that she is there with you.

Facing the Moon, hold your glass of water up above you head. Visualise the light and energy of the Moon flowing into your glass, swirling and mixing with the water. See your glass filling with light and overflowing. Feel the energy flowing into you from the glass into your fingertips and hands and continuing through your whole body.

Now say “Goddess of the Moon, I ask thee to fill my glass and concentrate this water with your pure energy. Please sustain me through all the days to come"

Drink the water.

Feel the energy flowing into you, into every cell of your being. See silverlight filling you up from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head and continuing up in a line of energy back to the Moon. Envision your feet as roots growing deep into the Earth, you are the connection of energy from the Earth to the Moon. Feel how the Moon supports and nourishes the Earth and helps to sustain all life.

Now begin to draw the energy from all of the outer points of the body- feet, hands, head, etc. towards the center of your body. Draw all of this energy into the very center of the abdomen, behind the navel, feel the strength and warmth of the energy within you. This is the place where the Moon energy will reside within you, available for you to call upon when needed.

Now sit down comfortably on the ground. There may still be excess energy around you, allow this to flow into the Earth. Be sure not to let go of your stored energy, but do give all extra energy to the Earth.

Sit in peaceful stillness with the Moon Goddess. Allow her wisdom, knowledge and insight to pass into you. Be open to visions and messages that she might have for you.

When you feel that you are finished, sincerely thank the Goddess for sharing her energy and giving you her blessings.

Spell Casting and Full Moon  Ceremonies

Open the Circle:

Go to the place where you started casting your circle. Walk counterclockwise. As you walk see your circle dissolve and disappear.

You may leave your incense to burn down. Your candle you can leave if small and in a safe place. If using a large candle, put it out and use it the next time you do this ritual. Do not use it for anything else.

Tidy or totally dismantle your altar and clean up the space. Have something to eat to help ground you. Drawing energy into you can have many effects: lightheadedness, dizziness, buzzing, feeling highly energised or “amped up” and tingling are all common. Be sure that you have properly settled your energy before driving or doing any other tasks/activities that require focused attention.

Throughout the month, draw on the Moon energy you have stored in your center to give you motivation, inspire creativity, bring clarity and heighten intuition.

Happy Spell Casting

The Enchantress