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Chrysocolla was historically used by the Native American people to bring about strength and calm. With its beautiful vitality of blues and greens, the Chrysocolla surrounds you with a soothing energy, and invites you to be open in discovering your heart’s desires. It will help you connect with others, allow you to speak your truth, and give you the courage to make changes in your life.

Chrysocolla is a supportive stone that will inspire change and communication from the heart. If you’re ready for change, it will help you find the motivation to make a fresh start in areas of your life.

Chrysocolla calms, giving an inner balance that allows for self-awareness. With this, you’ll become more open to communication, healing, and have a greater capacity to love.

This crystal brings an infusion of supportive energy that diminishes negativity and re-charges the chakras.

The rejuvenating properties of the Chrysocolla crystal can enhance your life-force energy, encouraging you to make welcome changes and inspiring you to bring fresh energy into your pursuits. You might not necessarily know what change you need to make, but having Chrysocolla around can help you gain the clarity and confidence to go with the flow as you discover your direction.

Chrysocolla will calmly guide you toward quiet confidence for the changes needed in your life. As it removes the negative energy, and helps shift the fear and doubt, you will be unburdened to strive for great transformation in your life. Whether this be within yourself, in relationships, or your destined path.

Chrysocolla enhances motivation and creativity by giving you positive energy to drive you forward, toward the change and growth you desire.

The properties of the Chrysocolla connect with the heart and throat chakras, which are the energy centres you’ll need for matters of love and communication. Get out of your head and into your heart. Let it help you find the words for what’s in your heart, especially if your head is saying something different. This will allow you to have open heartfelt communication.

Wear Chrysocolla as a piece of jewellery, or carry it with you throughout the day, to surround yourself fully with it’s magical positivity. It’s a crystal that promotes an open heart and supports communication, so having its warm energy around you at all times will only be a useful tool. And with it’s uplifting vibrations, it will be a constant inspiration for you to embrace new and exciting changes in your life. Place it in the home, somewhere you can look at it each day, so you can be reminded of your intentions.

Hold the Chrysocolla close to your heart whenever you need to connect with its gentle, inspiring vibrations. Feel its strength, support, and uplifting positivity.

The Enchantress


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