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The name Aquamarine is derived from the Latin words aqua marinus - Water of the Sea - meaning seawater. Not only is the name reflective of the sparkling-water colour of the crystal, but it was once believed to be mermaid's treasure, and any sailors with it in their possession, used it for good luck and protection, as well as aiding in their fearlessness of the seas.

From faint light blue to a strong bluish green, Aquamarine grows into beautiful six-sided prismatic crystals which are sometimes found more than a foot long.

Some aquamarine, when used in jewellery, has been heat-treated to enrich the depth of colour, so you’ll find raw aquamarine has a much stronger energy. In terms of its healing benefits, aquamarine is sometimes compared to turquoise or moonstone. But the harmony and gentle flow of energy, peaceful like the calm waters in the sea, make aquamarine unique. It purifies and cleanses your own energy, helps with your emotional healing, inspires truth and better communication, and can strengthen your meditations.

Aquamarine is calming and is a perfect stone for overcoming a fear of speaking, helping presenters or teachers to better articulate their lessons. They are relaxed and more fully aware of their wisdom and truth, giving clarity to their message.

Helpful in balancing high levels of anger or fear, Aquamarine can also be useful in trying situations where you need to maintain a cool temper in order to communicate clearly.

Aquamarine helps bring peace and clears the mind. It’s a beautiful stone to use when making change and learning to move through that transition. It calms the heart, and the fear of the unknown, and its energy removes any resistance you’re holding onto.

Aquamarine can strengthen psychic abilities, and help you access a deeper meditative state. It will be the perfect stone if you want to better get in touch with your inner wisdom and individual source of power.

As a love crystal, Aquamarine promotes happiness and commitment in relationships. It helps people to live together harmoniously, decreasing any issues which may cause disputes and disagreements.

Wear aquamarine to calm, soothe, let go of hurt, and help you live your truth. It has been called a stone of eternal youth and happiness, what better reason to have it in your life.

The Enchantress


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