The name Aquamarine is derived from the Latin words aqua marinus - Water of the Sea - meaning seawater. Not only is the name reflective of the sparkling-water colour of the crystal, but it was once believed to be mermaid's treasure, and any sailors with it in their possession, used it for good luck and protection, as well as aiding in their fearlessness of the seas.

From faint light blue to a strong bluish green, Aquamarine grows into beautiful six-sided prismatic crystals which are sometimes found more than a foot long.

Some aquamarine, when used in jewellery, has been heat-treated to enrich the depth of colour, so you’ll find raw aquamarine has a much stronger energy. In terms of its healing benefits, aquamarine is sometimes compared to turquoise or moonstone. But the harmony and gentle flow of energy, peaceful like the ca