Frankincense Magic

Rebirth – Repair

Wise words: ‘You can’t change the truth, but the truth can change you.’ – Mike Hockney

Frankincense is known as the King of the Essences – a good king who rules by righteousness. He is a messiah, as he brings messages of truth to the world and to the person that has the fortune to be in the presence of this essence.

Frankincense is related to our creative source of Sacred Geometry, the forms and structures of the Universe. It is the essence shielding the mathematics of the world.

Frankincense is wise, smart and powerful all at the same time. Unlike other essences, it is always in balance and he can use his power in the right way. He has the ability to enhance other essences as well as the ability to shape time. Frankincense can repair scars of any type, emotional or physical, age spots and wrinkles. It is amazing for inflammation.

As a miracle essence, Frankincense assists with cellular senescence, the ageing process of the cell, gifting us endurance at a cellular level. He assists in the body by downloading divine information to our DNA, supporting the body in a process by which the cell identifies and corrects damage to the DNA molecules.

Frankincense has the keys to both creation and longevity. It assists with seeing through the veil and following your sacred heart. He is strong and wise, a wizard like Merlin. He is always learning and transforming.

In the picture, Frankincense holds the DNA symbol in his staff and the tree at the back symbolises his wisdom and ancient knowledge.

Divinatory meaning: In your readings, Frankincense symbolises the coming of the truth; the truth to yourself and others. Honour all the aspects and facets of your spirit. It is time to repair any broken pieces, with wisdom and love. You are an alchemist; manifestation is working on your side. Enjoy the journey; remember that life can be magical if you allow it.

Affirmation: ‘My skin, my hair, my face, my body, my blood, my energy – every particle of my being – my aura, my chakras, my mind, my entire brain, my soul and my spirit are healed, refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed right here, right now.’