Do your own botanical, all natural perfume, that looks stunning. With this bottles you will not only smell amazing, but you would have created your own Magical Botanical Blend. 


Packs of 7 bottles, each bottle includes:

  • Homegrown and dried flowers ( no pesticides whatsoever),
  • Reiki infused Crystal chips,
  • Crystal ball roll on 
  • Bamboo  Eco lids


The bottles have been charged in the Full Moon and they have been empowered by a plate of Black Obsidian that I gifted myself on my trip to Teotihuacan (Mexican Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon). 


They are ready for you to infuse them with your Magical Essence. This Luxe Floral Roller Bottle is gorgeous to look at, and equally functional. Create your own blend with  these rollers with your favourite essential oils, plus a carrier oil and enjoy rolling on daily. Keep it in an oily pouch and take with you on the go.


Due to the nature of this beautifull bottles, they are  all uniquely different, but I try to craft them all very similar. 


This  iteam can be posted anywhere in the world. 


Luxe Magical Blending Bottles