LEARN how to read TAROT and at the same time CREATE your own Oracle deck!

The Magician's Journey COVERS
The Magician's Journey COVERS

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The Magician's Journey COVERS
The Magician's Journey COVERS

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As a Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer, Wellness Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Artist or co creator who loves oracle decks, you may have been dreaming of creating your own card deck for a while now.

But when it comes to making it happen....


  You have a small idea but you don’t know how to develop it   

  You're not a professional designer, or you can’t draw   

  You might have started but never got it finished, so you toss the idea in the closet   

    You don't where to start when it comes to printing. 

   Maybe you tried before by purchasing a small course, and doing it all on your own    

   You're worried you don’t know enough, you are not good enough, you don’t have enough           time, your idea is not good enough. There is simply not enough!   

Over the 20 years I have been reading Tarot, I have met so many people that wanted to create their own deck but I noticed that most of them had the same blocks

I had exactly the same blockages, little did I know that once I got it all done I would:

Find artists that were super keen to collaborate with me

Sell thousands of decks all over the world

Been invite as guest speaker in many platforms

Been invite to do book signings in the usa

Translate my deck into 5 different languages​


Just imagine  for a second how great it would be learning how to read Tarot and at the same time creating your own oracle deck! …. Yep, it is possible …. And I will be there to hold your hand every step of the journey.

If you've ever felt like you have to be an artist or a tarot expert to create your own deck, let me guide you in this journey to become the creator of your own amazing Oracle.


Whether you know how to read Tarot, understand graphic design and printing, or have any publishing experience, you WILL have a beautiful deck to use with your clients or loved ones,  and be able to read it with ease & confidence.

This is a a step-by-step program to:

Master the tarot basics,

Start reading tarot and oracles confidently

... And create your own oracle deck!

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Here's everything you get when you join me: 

44 weekly virtual lesson (yes, they will be recorded)

A comprehensive manual to use with your course

2 final printed decks of your own creation

An opportunity to print more quantities and help with distribution

Group coaching and support

Writing coaching and help

Access to editors, graphic designers, artist, and print on demand companies

Facebook support group to share and communicate with people that is journeying with you.

Join The Enchantress in her 

'Journey of the Magician' course where she shows you that all you need to create your own oracle deck is:

A dream to have your own deck in your hands

A readiness to journey through the major arcana and the self

A willingness to learn and grow

Be ready to convert your passion into a project

A curiosity for tarot and oracles

A desire to connect to your intuition

A desire to connect with like minded people

I will help you from the absolute start right until the finish... And if you are half way there, let’s get it finished! There is no limit to what we can co create


Creating a deck should not be a struggle but a fun and creative process. In this course you will not only learn Tarot in a fun way, but in a CREATIVE way

Frequently asked questions 

I’m a total beginner when it comes to Tarot. Would I still be able to create my own deck?

Absolutely! That’s what the Magician Journey is about – to help you develop your Tarot reading skills and confidence in a way that enriches your everyday life.

The journey is specifically designed to hold your hand in every step of the way.


I’ve been reading the Tarot cards for a while. Is there value in the Magicians Journey someone like me?

Yes! It will be an awesome opportunity for you to share with others, boost your experience and deepen your connection to the Tarot even further. I believe that Tarot is a very complex art, and there is so much to learn.The Magicians Journey is more than learning Tarot, is about living Tarot and creating a deep connection with your cards, and your soul.


How can I make sure I will create my deck on time?

Schedule time in your calendar to work on your card deck. Then dream big! The classes are schedule every week, and there is enough time to keep you on track.


What if I can’t draw, or design?

We are going to use Canva to design your card deck, but if you can draw that is a bonus! Canva is super easy to use and I will show you how!
All you need is your computer, internet and a free Canva account.


Class dates and times
Classes are held online on: 
Friday's  9.30 am Adelaide
Friday's 10.00 am Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
Friday's 8.00 am Perth
Thursday's  8 pm Miami, Florida and New York
Thursday's 5 pm Los Angeles, California
Thursday's  8 pm Toronto, Canada
This times might change depending on daylight savings, but been close to the weekend if gives you an opportunity to work on your deck when you wont be disturbed. 

What others are saying


"The passion and enthusiasm from Monica made the course fun and enjoyable and easy to learn, her encouragement is outstanding!" 


"I loved meeting like minded people and learning new skills." 



The total fee for the course is $2444. If you prefer to go on a payment plan, a non refundable deposit of $244 is payable at the time of booking and $50 per week for 44 weeks is payable thereafter. 

You must pay a non refundable $244 deposit to secure your position at the time you make your commitment. $200 discount applies if course is paid in full.


Individual payment plans can be organised by emailing info@theenchantress.com.

Registration close on the 11th November 2021


Payment includes Classes, Manual, 2 Oracles printed and the chance to have a discounted membership with the IICT for the first year. This course also includes FREE support from The Enchantress for the duration of the course and 2 months after, as well as a Facebook support group for students and ex students.

If you decide to print more oracles we will be happy to assist you too through our publisher

The Print Element


*Any lessons missed are not redeemable and might challenge your certification.


More questions? 


Please contact Monica on 0401265668 or email info@theenchantress.com

The course is fully online


I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you soon.


Monica Finazzo


Complementary Therapist with 20 years experience / Psychic/ Reiki Master/ Hypnotherapist/ Past Life Regression Therapist/ Energy Healer/ Author/ Spiritual Teacher / Yoga Teacher